The Gettysburg Chamber Orchestra is a fully professional ensemble with players from a three-state area. The orchestra performs under the sponsorship of Music, Gettysburg! which is a presenting organization connected to the Gettysburg Lutheran Theological Seminary (for more information on MGB please consult their website) and all concerts are presented in the Seminary Chapel free of charge. During the course of it 17-year existence the Gettysburg Chamber Orchestra has proven to be an artistic gem of community talent dedicated to celebrating and nurturing the musical life of Adams County. From its early beginnings as a small ensemble to its mature incarnation as a full orchestra of 65 musicians able to perform  an all-Mahler program, the group has clearly enriched our community‚Äôs arts offerings.




The GCO was founded in 1997 by Carolyn and Norman Nunamaker after they retired from their respective positions as Principal of the Gettysburg Area Middle School and Professor of Music at Gettysburg College. Carolyn operates as the CFO of the organization and handles all of the non-musical responsibilities associated with the group while Norman is the Artistic Director and Conductor. From the beginning it was decided that one of the primary objectives of the orchestra was to use as many local musicians as either members and/or as soloists, and this objective has been met with nothing less than astounding success! Over 50% of the members come from Adams County and all of the instrumental instructors in the Gettysburg Area School District are or have been members of the GCO.


The GCO presents two concerts per year, and the tradition has been that these concerts both open and close the season for Music, Gettysburg! The September concert falls on the 2nd Sunday of that month, and the May concert has traditionally been on Mothers Day.



As stated in our Mission Statement, one of our objectives is to use as many local musicians as both members and/or as soloists. The following musicians have been soloists with the GCO:


        Stephen Folkemer, Organist; member of the faculty of the Gettysburg

                  Lutheran Theological Seminary and resident of Gettysburg

        Karen Botterbusch, Flutist, member of the Harrisburg and York

                  Symphonies, resident of Gettysburg

        Michael Matsinko, Pianist, retired member of the Gettysburg College

                  faculty, resident of Gettysburg

        Wayne Hill, Baritone, soloist with the Harrisburg Opera Company, resident

                  of Gettysburg

        Melinda Warren, Soprano, Choir Director and former resident of Biglerville

        Duane Botterbusch, Bassist, member of the Harrisburg and York

                  Symphonies and resident of Gettysburg

        Stephen Swartzbaugh, Bass, Director of Choral Activities, Biglerville High

                  School, resident of Gettysburg

        Pamela Cooper-White, Soprano, former member of the San Francisco

                  Opera Chorus, resident of Gettysburg

        Meredith Megles, Soprano, former member of the Northern Virginia Opera,

                  resident of Fairfield

        Kathleen Sasnett, Soprano, former member of the Sunderman

                  Conservatory faculty, resident of Gettysburg

        Mark Hansen, Pianist, former Director of the Sunderman Conservatory of

                  Gettysburg College, resident of Gettysburg

        Jocelyn Swigger, Pianist, member of the Sunderman Conservatory faculty,

                  resident of Gettysburg


In addition to the list above, many former residents of Gettysburg who have graduated from Gettysburg Area High School, and have gone on to become professional musicians elsewhere, have returned to Gettysburg to perform with the GCO:


        Mary Hammann, Violist with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and

                  member of the Aureole Trio

        Phoebe Ray, Bassoonist with the Long Beach (CA) Symphony Orchestra

        Christopher Rex, Principal Cello with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

        Peter Couchman, Tenor with the New York City Opera


Finally, we have been proud to present young musicians from the area who were recent College graduates and just starting their musical careers:


        Paulino Contreras, Pianist, graduated from Millersville University where he

                  received awards for being the outstanding musician of his class, and

                  performed the Grieg Piano Concerto with the GCO

        Colin Stokes, Cellist, born and raised in Gettysburg, was a Jr. at the

                  Eastman School of Music when he returned to perform the Dvorak

                  Cello Concerto with the GCO

        Miranda Henne, a graduate of GAHS, graduated from Mercer University

                  where she studied Cello with Christopher Rex (mentioned above);

                  she received her MM from Southern Methodist University and

                   returned to perform the Haydn Cello Concerto in C with the GCO